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CP3 Director Gellad Calls Drug Pricing Rollbacks "Window Dressing"
December 6, 2018 — "Making promises to the president is not how you fix a fundamental market problem," CP3 Director Walid Gellad told the LA Times in a recent article about rising drug prices. Read More »
Walid Gellad Responds to Sanders' Drug Pricing Plan
November 20, 2018 — The "Prescription Drug Price Relief Act," proposed by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Khanna attempts to alleviate high drug prices for Americans as well as monopolies on drug manufacturing. Many, however, have noted that the act shares features with a recent proposal by the trump administration. Read More »
CP3 Director Gellad Comments on Pfizer's Price Increases
November 16, 2018 — "The drug price pledges made earlier this year were just for show — it was obvious at the time, and it's obvious now," notes CP3 Director Walid Gellad, in a Politico piece about Pfizer's recent price increases. Gellad also commented on the Trump administration's tendency to sharply Read More »
Inma Hernandez Named to "30 Under 30"
November 13, 2018 — CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez was chosen to be one of Forbes' "30 Under 30," in recognition for her career accomplishments and contributions to health care research. Read More »
Director Walid Gellad Describes Challenges to Drug Pricing Policy
October 26, 2018 — In a recent speech about drug pricing, President Trump described current problems impacting the issue, including the lack of a mechanism to lower prices in Medicare Part B. However, the administration did not outline clear solutions. In fact, as CP3 Director Walid Gellad writes in STAT, Read More »
Can an Old Patent Law Help Drug Costs?
October 5, 2018 — An old patent law may help control drug costs. CP3 Director Walid Gellad weighs in with others in this article from Kaiser Health News. Read More »
New Research from Inma Hernandez Shows Drug Prices Double After Shortages
September 18, 2018 — A new study, led by CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez, shows prescription drug prices more than double in the months following drug shortages. The work by Hernandez and her team has been picked up by Bloomberg and Stat news, among others. Read More »
Walid Gellad Notes CVS' Use of ICER Metrics Wll Impact Few Drugs
September 14, 2018 — "CVS has limited this threshold to very few cases so [it] will likely not have a big impact," notes CP3 Director Walid Gellad in a Biopharma Dive article about CVS' use of ICER metrics for drug pricing. The company decided in August to use value-based drug pricing analyses to determine Read More »
Hospitals Might Use Civica Rx Savings to Improve Other Services
September 10, 2018 —  “What you definitely don't want is this just being a way for hospitals to decrease their costs and their margins and build new ambulatory cancer centers in wealthy neighborhoods to make more revenue,” notes CP3 Director Walid Gellad in this Politico piece about Civica Rx.  Civica Rx, a Read More »
Davies' Study Suggests Opioids Are Overprescribed for Prostate and Kidney Surgeries
September 10, 2018 — CP3-affiliated faculty Benjamin Davies led research suggesting urologists should prescribe far fewer opioids for patients.  Reuters Health News reported on Davies' study, which suggests that urologists can decrease their prescribing habits by at least 50%, and opioid prescribing tended to Read More »
Dr. Gellad quoted about the importance of following financial disclosure rules
September 8, 2018 — Dr. Jose Baselga is a renowned cancer researcher who failed to follow the rules about disclosing his financial conflicts of interest.  This article, a collaboration between The New York Times and ProPublica, describes the incidents and the reasons for such rules. CP3 Director Walid Gellad Read More »
CP3 Director Walid Gellad Notes Risks of Gottlieb's Communication Strategy
August 27, 2018 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad weighs in on FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb's communication strategy in a BioPharma Dive article.  Gellad notes, "[I]t shouldn't distract people from looking at areas of FDA policy he's not talking about." Read More »
CP3 Director Walid Gellad Talks to Politico about Drug Pricing Initiatives
August 3, 2018 — "This is not the kind of structural change we want in the market so that prices go down,” notes CP3 Director Walid Gellad in a Politico piece about drug companies' recent initiatives to lower prices.  Gellad describes the concessions as a mix of potential positive and negative outcomes, Read More »
Financial Conflicts of Interest in Medicine
August 1, 2018 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad weighs in on financial conflicts of interest in medicine in this piece on NPR's All Things Considered. Read More »
The Reality Behind Claims to Lower Drug Prices
July 24, 2018 — “It’s going to take a lot of time and there's a lot of hurdles in the way, but that’s not what you want to explain when you want to show how you’re lowering drug prices," notes CP3 Director Walid Gellad in a Washington Post article about the reality behind the Trump administration's plans Read More »
New Drug Pricing Proposals from Trump Adminstration
July 23, 2018 — A STAT News article described the Trump administration's proposed plans for lowering drug prices. CP3 Director Walid Gellad discusses these developments. Read More »
Merck's Measures for Lowering Drug Prices
July 20, 2018 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad weighs in on Merck's measures for lowering drug prices.  In this LA Times article, Dr. Gellad notes, "What Merck did was not of much benefit at all. In fact, it’s counterproductive if the industry is saying it wants to help but really is just pretending." Read More »
Merck Agrees to Freeze or Lower Drug Prices
July 19, 2018 — Merck has joined other pharmaceutical manufacturers in an agreement to freeze or lower some prices.  In a recent State News article, CP3 Director Walid Gellad explains the implications of this agreement. Read More »
Responses to Administration's Action on Drug Prices
July 3, 2018 — CP3 director Walid Gellad is quoted in a Politico article about the Trump administration's plans to change drug prices. Read More »
Concurrent Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use Quintuples Overdose Risk
June 22, 2018 — A recent article in JAMA has brought awareness of the heightened overdose risk of patients who are concurrently prescribed opioids and benzodiazepines. CP3 affiliated faculty member, Dr. Inma Herdandez, and her team determined that these patients have a risk of overdose that is five times Read More »
Medicare Merger Could Raise Costs
May 16, 2018 — HHS Secretary Alex Azar has been making a big push to consolidate the Medicare Part B and Part D programs in an attempt to lower prescription drug costs. In the Stat Plus article discussing the push, CP3 Director Walid Gellad noted that such a consolidation could actually raise out of Read More »
Promises to Lower Drug Prices Likely Won't Work
May 14, 2018 — HHS Secretary Alex Azar expanded on Trump's recent drug pricing speech, noting that government negation of drug prices would have limited effects. Azar also repeated that he wants drug companies to include prices in television ads. CP3 Director Walid Gellad offered his opinion of the Read More »
Opioid Makers' Promotions Influence Prescriptions
May 14, 2018 — A new study suggests that doctors who accept money and perks from companies who manufacture opioids are more likely to prescribe these drugs to their patients, notes an article in US News and World Report.  On average, prescription rates rose 9% in the year after payments, with each perk Read More »
Twitter Response to Drug Pricing Speech
May 11, 2018 — Stat News, The Hill, Fortune, and Endpoints News have featured CP3 Director Walid Gellad's tweets in response to Trump's recent drug pricing speech. Read More »
Reaction to Trump's Drug Pricing Speech
May 11, 2018 — In an NPR article discussing Trump's recent speech about lowering prescription drug costs, CP3 Director Walid Gellad gives his take on the speech and what it may mean going forward. Read More »
Associated Costs Cause Gene Therapy Treatment Price to Soar
May 7, 2018 — Experts believe that the cost of a new gene therapy treatment for hemophilia may cost patients as much as $1.5 million. Developments in gene therapy treatments for other diseases are expected to trend drug prices upward, according to an article on CNBC. CP3 Director Walid Gellad was Read More »
CVS Can Help Lower Patients' Drug Costs
April 11, 2018 — Rx Savings Finder program, a new tool for CVS Pharmacy's pharmacists and Caremark consumers, can help identify less expensive less medications for patients.  CVS describes the tool as a response to variation in insurance plans' drug coverage and patient costs.  In a Washington Post article Read More »
Potential Drug Pricing Proposals in White House Budget Request
February 12, 2018 — This week's installment of Politico's Prescription Pulse breaks down the details leaked about the drug pricing proposals included in the new White House budget request.  Thought to be included in the proposals are a speanding cap on out-of-pocket drug payments for serniors, free generic Read More »
Perspective on the 340B Debate
January 24, 2018 — In a perspective piece in the New England Journal of Medicine, CP3 Director Walid Gellad and HPI Director Everette James describe the controversy surrounding the 340B Drug Pricing Program.  A recent CMS rule will reduce Medicare Part B payments to hospital outpatient departments for Read More »